Saturday, February 12,  2022

9:00 AM-12:00 PM

Virtual Event

Hosted by Regions 6 and 8

2022 DAPE in Your Backyard

The MN DAPE Leadership Committee along with Region 6/8 DAPE Representative Barb Eilers invite you to participate in the 2022 Virtual DAPE In Your Backyard Workshop.

This workshop will be held as a Zoom Event on Saturday, February 12 from 9 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

There in no fee for this workshop and you will be sent a link for clock hours. The Zoom links for the 6 sessions will be sent in an email the week prior to the February 12th, 2022 workshop.

Due Process Question and Answer
Rich Burke 

Due Process question and answer session.

Elementary Unified PE
Nick Cedergren and Justin Lund

There are many ways you can get your school to start living more unified. Nick Cedergren with Special Olympics and Justin Lund (elementary DAPE teacher) will share opportunities for you to take the first step into making that a reality for your school.

Using Online Resources to Enhance Your DAPE Classes and Events​
Kelly Anderson and Justin Lund 

Are you looking to create more of an online presence for your DAPE classes, or even a virtual DAPE event? This session will be more of a conversation on what we have done during the current pandemic to stay connected and to enhance our DAPE programs and events.

Pear Decks in PE/Unified PE
Mike Doyle

This session will discuss and demonstrate the creation and implementation of Pear Decks for students that are in-person or at home in Physical Education and Unified Physical Education classes.

Standards-Based IEP Examples
Rich Burke and Dr. Sue Tarr

An introduction to standards-based IEPs and how to use them in your DAPE program.

Wrap Up and Questions
MN DAPE Leadership Committee
Region 6/8 mtg. - Barb Eilers