45nd Annual MNDAPE Conference

"Make EVERY connection matter!"


The MN DAPE Leadership Committee is announcing that the 2020 45th Edition of the MN DAPE Conference "Make EVERY Connection Matter!" will be a virtual conference.

The Conference timeline will remain Thursday, September 24th .

The Conference will be a combination of both Live and Prerecorded Presentations.

The MN DAPE Leadership Committee has also determined that there will be no registration fees for this year's conference.

The committee is excited about this new opportunity. We do look forward to seeing you back at our typical Camp setting in 2021.

Information will be sent out via our Constant Contact Email list; MNDAPE.org website and our MN DAPE Community of Practice Facebook group. 

How to Participate in the 2020 MNDAPE Conference

1) Register for the conference through Constant Contact. 

2) You will receive an email from Constant Contact confirming your


3) On September 8th you will receive an email from Sched.com inviting you to

      be an Attendee at the 2020 MNDAPE Conference.

4) If you have not used Sched.com before you will need to create an account. 

      If  you have used Sched.com in the past you will be ready to go!

5) On September 24 the handouts and videos for the sessions at the 2020 

      MNDAPE Conference sessions will be available.